Warrington Via Bicester

Another long week that I mostly can’t talk about yet, but two things that cropped up:

Me: Where are you from?

Them: Manchester!

Me: Oh really? I went to university there!

Them: It’s odd - you know who you sound like? That Radio 1 DJ?

Me stares blankly as I haven’t interacted with Radio 1 for over ten years: Really? Who’s that?

Them: Hmm…Chris…Chris scrolls on their phone

Me _thinking “please don’t say Chris Moyles, please don’t say Chris Moyles”

Them: Oh! Chris Evans!

Me: stares wider in a Southern accent

Other person: Chris Evans?

Both of us: Not that one.

Perhaps the first and only time I’ve been mistaken for a Northerner. I am sure my accent has drifted, but to Warrington???

Finally, I have settled on what might be the first tech blog post of the year…but that’s only if it works. If it doesn’t, then I delete everything from the hard drive and you’ll never even guess. Though a clue is that I spent part of last night downloading The Great Gatsby in a form I can easily vectorize (but also: I am known for terrible, terrible clues). So that may be upcoming! Or not! You see? I’m starting the year by kicking some excitement and drama back into the blog…