A Simple Thanksgiving with 30 Components

At the end of every year’s Thanksgiving, Tammy and I resolve to make things more simple next year. And twelve months later, we always forget that and make things difficult for ourselves. Three different types of meat! Tiny pinecone entremets! More people than ever before! A small baby crawling in her play pen1! And yes, as in every year, some things don’t quite work out as planned, but when everybody sits down to the table, there’s enough food for a week and desserts as far as the eye can see. But next year, we’re going to cut back a bit. Honest.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, Maeryn ate some turkey, and now it’s almost time to break out the advent calendars! And really not long before my family comes over the Atlantic to join us for the festive fun…

…but first, New York? We will have a very well-travelled baby by the time she’s one!

  1. I’m trying to make “The Box” happen and set up a backstory of her being in a gang with her cuddly toys, but it’s not sticking just yet… ↩︎