Clean-up on Line 2

This week I unlocked a new achievement of living in America — changing a very full baby’s nappy whilst also on the phone to an insurance company trying to sort out a medication refill (actually, it was the ‘specialist pharmacy’, but the root of the issue was insurance rejection and whatnot). Hurrah for private healthcare and jumping through all the hoops.

My whistlestop trip to Chicago seemed to go well, meeting the rest of the Bookend.AI team and working out our immediate plans for next year and getting read for what we’re going to create in 2024. Which is crazily just around the corner…

(this song in my head the entire trip)

The Thanksgiving insanity has begun in earnest too; 15 savoury dishes, 15 desserts, or: “Ian tries to use as many molds as he bought this year - an impossible task, but he’ll try his best.” Every pot, every pan, every oven, all will be pressed into service as we try to feed nine people until they explode. And then we’ll do it all again next month!