Proof of Life Update 2

I am sounding less like somebody that has smoked 60 cigarettes a day for 50 years today, which is an improvement from earlier in the week. Still not exactly well, but getting there. Which is probably a bad omen for going to NC later this week and breathing in all the terrible things in airports and planes getting there and back.

But! In other news, I have now officially become an American. And no, it’s not a green card or citizenship. I have those already! What I mean is that I now have a deck attached to my house. And a deck box to put cushions in. I might as well have the Stars and Stripes tattooed on my face at this point. But it is nice, and the small one will likely get a lot of use out of it as she grows older. Also, I got stopped in the street by several neighbours asking about it, so I have provided a local talking point! Doing my part for the local community‚Ķ