Record Breakers And Strike Breakers

Fun games you can play with Americans:

“How on earth is the Guinness Book of Records problematic?”

five minutes later, reading about the McWhirter twins

“Holy shit!”

Biggest discovery of the week is probably that if you just keep driving down Colerain Avenue, you eventually hit a winery, then the city dump, and then just open countryside? You’d have thought I would have discovered that a little earlier than after five years of living here, but I’ve never really had a reason to keep driving there before.

Busy week ahead! Maeryn’s first week of daycare, and then I’m off to San Francisco next week for the Google Cloud Next conference. Which means I should probably look at the schedule. And supposedly LL Cool J is playing at it? Which both feels weird and likely also appropriate for the age of people that will be turning up to this thing…

(if you’re in SF and would like to say hello, let me know! My dance card is filling up, but would like to see as many people as possible, given I haven’t been there since 2020!)