Quieter Daytime Incoming

After the end of paternity leave, it’s another milestone this upcoming week: the last week before Maeryn goes into daycare, Which will definitely make things different in the day to day; it’s coming up on five months of at least her and me always being here, so getting used to her not being around will be an adjustment. However, there is a cat in the house that will appreciate the more common appearance of an empty lap to jump on.

Otherwise, a bunch of things I can’t talk about yet, and other things that I probably shouldn’t talk about. Which makes for a boring blog entry, I guess. I do want to write something in the upcoming weeks about how to super-charge BERT…but given that I only have one more weekend here before heading out to San Francisco, that’s probably not going to happen for a while.

But! I did make chocolates today for the first time in ages, so nature is healing…