Back On The Chain Gang

Well, the last week of paternity leave ended up with me getting very sick (but seemingly not COVID), and then just as I was starting to get better, I appear to have passed it onto Maeryn, who is not exactly best pleased about being ill for the first time in her life. So we did not get a lot done this week either.

But being off was never really about getting things done, it was for spending time with my daughter and that was a great success! Admittedly, she’s probably a little happy that she’s not going to be falling asleep to Jonathan Meades in the upcoming afternoons, but that’s what the evenings are for! There’s no escape from the documentaries and archive television in this house. No escape.

We have a couple more weeks until Maeryn goes into daycare, which will be another change and one that I imagine will make the house feel very empty during the day…Helvetica might be happier with a little bit more quiet, but she even let Maeryn stroke her this week so maybe she’s warming up to the newest member of the house. Until Maeryn can start crawling, anyhow…