Family Week

A busy week of family visiting! Everybody got to hold Maeryn, large pizzas were had, I waited outside a bakery for half-an-hour until discovering it was closed until the end of May, a Miranda moment where my trousers fell down as I was carrying a table across my front garden1, baby’s first Eurovision2, Mother’s Day brunch, discovering how Cincinnati’s bulk item pick up works and watching them crush a freezer, putting up shelves…and completing the first two shrines in Tears of The Kingdom3.

Now, the family is off to Vegas, but they’ll be back here at Christmas, doing a trial run of the new LHR-CVG direct flight, before we hopefully go back to Britain next year for a trip celebrating Maeryn’s first birthday!

No, I didn’t finish the comic notes, but I’m almost at 1,000 words after finally spending some time on it one morning this week…maybe over Memorial Day weekend…

  1. For proper Mirandaness, yes, my neighbours were sitting outside enjoying the evening when it happened… ↩︎

  2. Finland 4eva! ↩︎

  3. Nintendo capturing a large section of the gaming community with this ad… ↩︎