Five Years!

Something of a milestone this week. As of this weekend, not only have I been living in this house for five years, but because I bought the house in Durham in May 2013, this is now the second-longest time I’ve ever lived in a house full-stop. It will take some beating to overcome Avon Crescent’s 28 years, but hopefully we’re well on the way (as I type, Maeryn is making grunting noises from her rocker, so I think she’s on-board with this plan).

The family comes over the ocean this week, and I’m about to start my second week of paternity leave; I’m spreading it out to get maximum overlap with Tammy’s maternity leave and stretch out what we’ve been luckily to have in a country where there is no federally-mandated paid parental time off. And we have the oven working again!

Anyway, having some time off means you might finally get those promised comic notes. And maybe something else too…