Let's Talk About Lego

Honestly, I really don’t think you understand the depths of the Lego problem that is building. At 1am this morning, I was looking at pictures of Piccadilly Gardens because I decided that the city really needs to have a central public space instead of just shops and eateries. This was after I had talked myself into having two stations earlier on Saturday. After all, if Bicester can have two stations, then this city certainly can! Besides, it’s more fun in a closed city if there’s multiple destinations where a train can stop1.

And that led me down a short rabbit-hole, because in that case, especially with the central public space idea, a tram system seems a good idea. But the third-party tram I found didn’t seem all that appealing, and Lego only seemed to do one in a rather old set which is going for crazy money. So for now, everybody will travel by high-speed train.

And then there’s the housing problem (and let’s be clear, not a single brick of this city has actually been built yet). I have a few sets that come with a lot of minifigures. The hospital set comes with 12!! They all need to have homes…but most of the houses I have came with more people. But don’t worry, because I have a plan to solve this issue with the most on-brand idea possible. I just need to order a lot of bricks to make it happen.

Of course, some of you might be pointing out that Maeryn is barely a month old. And yes, that may be true, pedants. But planning! Planning is very important, dammit!

  1. Look at this. It even has a shop called WH Brick. ↩︎