This Birthday's On Fire

I have to say that running down to the basement to hit the breaker while your oven spews smoke does tend to cast a little bit of a pall over your birthday. Don’t worry though, everything is fine…well, the oven isn’t, as I believe the smoke came from the logic board and the whole thing is dead to the world (as well as turned off at the breaker). But still, that’s next week’s problem.

Anyway, a good birthday was had by all; pizza slices larger than Maeryn, off-brand Lego sets to help increase the diversity of our eventual Lego city, boardgames, and aside from the oven’s electrical fire, a nice gentle day.

I’ll be honest with myself and suggest you don’t even think about seeing those writer’s notes until May when I have my second round of paternity leave; all that you’ve got to look forward on here for the next two weeks is more pictures from early fatherhood and my ongoing crippling addiction to Lego (if Maeryn doesn’t like building with blocks, I am going to be in trouble)…