Organize All The Things!

I think I may be nesting. In the past week, I’ve cleared out a space in one of the storage rooms to be a tornado storm shelter, bought a safe for important documents, and spent the weekend putting together shelving that has lain in pieces in the furnace room for almost four years (which seems really odd until I factor in Pandemic Time Dilation). I also dug through five years of paperwork to find the title paperwork for my old car, which will be going across the water to live with Myles shortly. So definitely a ‘dad’ weekend. I have also ordered more shelves. Because apparently now everything has to be in tubs.

(Tammy has also seen the extent of the Transformers Problem for the first time in a few years and…yes, I do need to do something there. And I haven’t even considered what to do about the Lego Problem that is waiting in the wings)

Next week! Baby’s First Buggy Trip! Melting GPUs!