Jumble of Things

I have finally joined the ranks of terrible people with wireless headphones (something of a gift to myself for surviving the week). I was getting tired of having to deal with carrying both Lightning and USB-C headphones whenever I went anywhere with the iPad and the iPhone. But! Just because I wanted to retain some sense of dignity, I got a set from Anker rather than Apple. They were even on sale! I’m too self-conscious to actually go outside with them, mind you…

Anyway, what else for the week? Baking, looking at a possible replacement for my car, getting the final lettering proofs for the comic, bashing a LLM into submission, and being a helpful villager in Blood On The Clocktower. Oh, and eating what seemed like five pounds of food from what is reportedly the best place to get pupusas in the city (and is literally just across the road!). Which makes it all sound like a very busy week!

Next week: guests!