Sandy Sandy Sandy

I’ve spent most of this week’s evenings reading all of Sandman Mystery Theatre, a Vertigo comic from the 90s that ran for 70 issues which I dismissed at the time as…I’m not really sure, some sort of cash-grab by DC trying to ride on the popularity of Gaiman’s Sandman? Anyway, I was an idiot, because it’s a fun, pulpy read where the oh-so-90s grisly murders are more than made up for by the Nick’n’Nora-inspired relationship antics of Wesley and Dian. I actually found myself quite upset when I got to #70 and there was nothing further to read.

(it had an interesting structure too; every storyline except for the last was 4 issues long, which I think really helped with the pacing and the idea of “well, I can read just one more story and oh, how did it get that late?")

Anyway, my thoughts on thirty-year-old comics aside, it’s been…a rather boring week full of grown-up stuff. Tidying the house some more, packing things away into boxes, absolutely rinsing the latest Kroger Diet Coke sale1, and managing to deal with one of the two postal issues I’m currently entangled in. Oh, and I went to the dentist too! How exciting. I have really neglected the “all the projects I want to get done in 2022” for the past two months…so I need to get back to those. Plus I now have three pieces of technical writing to get done, so things are piling up!

However, all that is on a slight hold this week, because I need to get things ready for next weekend’s project: airbrushing chocolates. It’s likely to be a disaster, but we’ll see if I can get something that looks presentable out of all the cocoa butter I’m going to be spraying everywhere…

  1. Yes, I have bought 144 cans in the past five days. What of it? ↩︎