And Another Thing!

Well, we’ve definitely reached the point of The Story of… where I’m more irritated by it than enjoying it. I was expecting this somewhat - the move to BBC2 and bunging all the episodes out at once, plus COVID - well it was all going to harm it, but the omissions and the inclusions as we’ve got into 96/97 have driven me round the bend. Shed Seven, for crying out loud? Less than thirty seconds or so on Your Woman? All that time spent with Saffron?

I do realize that it’s basically who is willing to talk to them; I was quite annoyed at the omission of a band that had a 25th album anniversary this week1, but I understand that at least one member seems to be less willing to revisit that period2. Meanwhile, too many of the Britpop people they have on seem to have come straight out of This Morning With Richard Not Judy’s Angus Deayton’s Authorised History of Alternative Comedy. “Halcyon days” indeed. And maybe I can forgive some of that…but you can’t forgive the show talking about “now dance is popular!” and “wasn’t Scooby Snacks subversive!” when the programme literally had Mr. C on a few weeks ago. And he was funnier!

At least the Aqua segment was entertaining. 1998 next week. Which will almost certainly include this — which is a song that feels like it’s dropped out of the culture in the past ten years or so3:

And I hope they talk about the infamous 1999 episode when they get there in a couple of weeks…

Okay, in things that aren’t me complaining about a silly music documentary series…look, it was a quiet week. I have moved a little further along with Camouflage; I have a GAN that has been training for just over a week now which should be in a position to be used for downstream tasks in the near future. I also tinkered with an addition to the project this week which might end up becoming a much larger part…if I can just get the loss function to work…

Next week: A Slight Return To Durham!

  1. Watching this back, I realize it wasn’t Nicky Wire wearing the dress, it was Lauren… ↩︎

  2. Why is there still no Kenickie special edition reissues, eh? ↩︎

  3. Of course, I’ve been in America all that time. It’s probably still played a bit back home. ↩︎