Escape Room Tour!

If you couldn’t make it to our escape room, we put together a walkthrough:

We’re still working on cleaning up - it’s taking a little longer than initially expected because we’re doing it right - cleaning up the garage so we can fit the furniture into a more compact space1 as well as trying to clear some of our cardboard mountain that has built up during the past two years.

I guess the other big thing of the week was finally getting to see a new dermatologist after about a year’s wait (yes, even with insurance, you still get queues here in the US unless you’re obscenely rich). It was a very short visit, but the upshot is that he is going to try and get me on skyrizi, which, aside from the litany of side-effects, might be able to clear some of my psoriasis. If the insurance covers it. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, given that my previous dermatologist told me that most plans won’t even look at skyrizi until you’ve tried (and failed) with the older treatments. We shall see.

  1. I still dream of fitting an EV in some of that space. Especially since my current car seems to be returning to nature with the things growing on it… ↩︎