The Drop

Well, it’s not COVID, at least not by the many tests I’ve taken this week, but I’ve come down with something that has cast something of a shadow over the past seven days. I even took Friday off after realizing that I had no real idea what the code I wrote Thursday morning did by the afternoon. I am, at least, finally on the mend, but I am resentful of losing the weekend to it as well as the weeknights.

Which means the week has been a little uneventful, as I’ve been mainly blowing my nose for most of it. I did start planning for August, as Los Campesinos! are touring the US for the first time in three years. Naturally, I bought tickets within seconds of when they went on sale. We’ll be travelling to Cleveland, which will be something of a little adventure (and a four hour drive, because America is stupidly big at times). And I’ve started planning out some sweets to make once the Chocolate Room is back up and running. But otherwise, it’s been mostly in bed.

Next week, then: might actually do something! See you then!