Escape Room Weekend 2

Second week of the Escape Room is over. One more week! I still can’t told about it much because spoilers, but hopefully a bit more of a discussion of it next weekend.

Some reshuffling of projects underway — Camouflage is being vastly scaled back as I’m not going to be able to meet the end-of-April deadline to get it started, and I don’t think I am able to really offer the support for running a year-long competition. Instead, it’ll just be a very silly paper that comes out at the end of the year. My comic anthology project is about to run into the brick wall of ‘Nicolás runs out of story to draw’, which is obviously nobody’s fault but my own…I have two more stories for the project, but have I written anything this month? Of course not.

But I have taken on another project, which we’ll call Cat Stevens for now. It’s an AI collaboration project! And should hopefully be wrapped up (mostly) by next weekend, provided I get HTML columns working and some little details ironed out. More on that soon!

I think April might be a month of cleaning up and rearranging things! I’m hoping to sort out a few things in the bar (more shelves, setting up the MiSTer station, etc.), and I do need to clear at least one wall for hanging up a poster. And maybe we can make the main bedroom look like somebody lives there by putting things on the walls. It’s only been four years, after all…