Bryan Adams Just Won't Leave

It’s been a while, but The Story of… is finally back as an accompaniment to the Friday night repeats of Top of The Pops. And isn’t it just a fun experience when they get to an act that currently looks like you’d bump into them on the high street as they were coming out of New Look, and they’re just full of joy about their time in the chart and their appearances on the show. Something I’ve missed since it seemed to be put on hiatus due to the pandemic and the semi-closedown of BBC4.

Also, watching it with an American is recommended. It’s more fun when you have to pause to explain Betty Boo, Chesney Hawkes, and The Wonder Stuff are, or expound on your declaration of “of course Bob is there! It’s Vic and Bob!", when they mainly know Bob Mortimer from Would I Lie To You?. And “yes, the ice creams are playing guitar. It’s the KLF, you just have to go with the flow”.

Next week? PEAK MR. C!

Actually, it’s been a banner week for iPlayer, as somebody deep in the bowels of the BBC has decided to put up The Young Ones and all of 2point4children. Sadly, the former are the cut versions, but I have the DVDs for them. 2point4children, though, is completely uncut, including those pesky music cues, and it’s probably the great lost big BBC sitcom of the 90s…ånd now, thanks to get_iplayer, I have all of it.

In local news, our escape room is really about to happen! We’re going to be putting the finishing touches on it this week, and our first run-throughs take place next weekend! For those of you reading that are in the area and would like to take part, why not head over to the website and see what dates are still available? Come see what we’ve done to the basement!!

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for, yes, some technical content this week! I know all of you reading this blog have been itching for some more neural network action, so that’s what you’re going to get. I remain somewhat obsessed with CLIP (though, in fairness, this upcoming entry is an idea I had about a year ago and just never actually sat down for a couple of hours to try it out until this week).