Neunundneunzig Luftballons

I will say that the weekend got off to a rather mixed start. On the bright side, I ended up not having to go to NC for 24 hours after all. Which was nice! On the other, I got about three hours sleep on Friday night and had to deal with a cat going to the toilet on the carpet at 1am. Less fun.




I may have found a source for a copy of Emergency Ward 9, the last Dennis Potter play I don’t have (okay, the last one I don’t have that wasn’t wiped. I’m not magic). Plus a few other bits and pieces…basically, the Spring will be filled with the joys of BBC plays from the 60s and 70s if I get my way!

Meanwhile, in other BBC Archive news…it was finally the week that we got to see this majestic bit of Top of The Pops footage:

And is if the heavens have opened, the BBC are finally going to be showing The Story of 1991/2 in the next fortnight. It’s like Jimmy broke the seal.

Somehow, it’s March?