Announcing: Lewknor Turn

Hello. Comics!

Lewknor Turn

The Next Stop Is Lewknor Turn is a story in an upcoming collection1 I’m putting together. Pencils and inks are by the great Nicolás Nieto, letterer Still To Be Decided. There will be a website forthcoming when there’s a bit more to show off, but it’s looking good so far.

(This the Project Formerly Known as Morning After Pill, named after a Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia song that references Oxford’s train station. Obviously. Just try to guess what Project Camouflage is…)

In other news, I have splurged a little on the basis of my imminent tax return (I always over pay taxes, so I get a significant refund this time every year. Is it incredibly inefficient? Sure, but but I’d rather have that than owe something), and I now have a proper chocolate-grade airbrush and a fancy compressor coming my way. There will be coloured chocolates to come later this year…perhaps starting with some quite swish Easter eggs. It’ll have to wait until after our Escape Room Shenanigans are finished, though. And that’s coming together too, with furniture placed and the fake walls all up. At the end of the month, we will be taking the basement to the 1920s!

And that’s about it for this week, although I did also give beeswax-lined canelés a try out this weekend. Sadly, not quite as good as my butter-lined molds, but I think that was mainly down to having a little too much beeswax/ghee mixture in the bottom of the mold, resulting in less browning on top than I’d normally expect. Very crunchy though!

  1. It’s likely to be digital-only, but we’ll see what paper prices are like by the end of the year, shall we? ↩︎