We found a bar with the Maytals on

Ten years ago this week, I was rather sad with myself and my lot in Santa Monica. And then I heard a song as I was getting ready to walk to Activision. Suddenly, the day was not quite so bad. And my concern about whether the sentiment expressed at 2:28 applied to me so perfectly…well, it turned out to be ‘no’, on both questions.

I’ve been ill most of the week; mainly cold symptoms (tested negative twice), but also with a brain fog that I last remember settling in when I was 17 years old. Let’s…not do that again, shall we? At least I have the privilege of a four-day weekend to try and shake it off.

Meanwhile, at work, we’ve announced our new SaaS platform! All hail Springboard. The Data Science team that I’m part of will be bringing a lot of fancy NLP-based features to it as the year goes on. And maybe even some things you wouldn’t necessarily expect! makes mysterious noises

The Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy article should finally go up tomorrow. Other projects continue, but this upcoming week will be one of resting a little more…