Week 1 of 2022 down! And we’re making progress, aren’t we?

stares at a bunch of graphs going vertical

But leaving the outside world behind for now, there is progress of other sorts! Look at our escape room taking shape!

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I’m starting to think long-term about the space in the basement and I think putting dry-wall up to create four or so rooms down there is entirely feasible and scarily they would all be sizeable rooms (only one being smaller than my childhood bedroom in my head. And that’s the entry hall to the backdoor)

And progress on other things too:

(also, no, 2022 won’t just be blog posts talking vaguely about things, but January is a month for slow starts, okay?)

Oh, we did have a little adventure this week, which brought home that we are old. It was a $600M week on Powerball, and we decided to get some tickets. There’s also a petrol station just across the road, so it’d be easy to get $10 worth of tickets one evening and come back.

Imagine, if you will, two 40-something-year-olds huddled around a ticket kiosk trying to work out why the buttons weren’t working, having to be rescued by the station attendant, who pointed out that the kiosk wasn’t working properly but they could do the tickets at the counter. But we’d already put money in the machine and it didn’t give refunds. So our planned $10 trip turned into a $25 adventure with Powerball tickets and scratch cards from the kiosk.

But this is a redemption story! No, we didn’t win the Powerball…but one of the scratchcards we ended up buying won $25, so we ended up breaking even at least…