The Drill That Pierces The Heavens

I’m supposed to be going to see Chvrches tonight. The first concert of the year, tickets but sometime back in or May or so. Even before Omicron landed, I wasn’t feeling it, but despite being double-vaccinated and about a month out from my booster shot…yeah, there’s absolutely no way I’m hanging out with a thousand other dancing people in close-quarters right now, even if I really like the band and don’t know when they’ll come this way again. But right now, I’d rather not let anything possibly get in the way of my family’s visit (at least the bits I can have some control over).

Also, if you’re 42, I suggest you don’t get the idea in your head to re-watch all of Gurren Lagann at a time that means you’ll finish it at 2:30am in the morning. I do love to re-watch it every couple of years, but ooof, that led to a rather tired Friday. Which probably had a hand in me picking a random old BBC drama at random on Friday night and being very surprised at seeing a lot more of Anna Friel than I was expecting. It went out on a Sunday, so I imagine we were all in the Slem’s Bar at the time it was originally broadcast back in 1998. The boomer / Gen X rivalry that underpins the film is somewhat amusing when considered from today. But boomers are always the enemy, naturally.

Finally, I’d just like to endorse this tweet with everything I have.

Christmas playlist? You mean Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” ad nauseum for the next 21 days?

— Chloe Maveal (@PunkRokMomJeans) December 4, 2021