It’s now about two weeks since I got hold of the new M1Max Macbook Pro. Which is plenty of time to get adjusted to how quick it is compared to my 2018 Macbook Pro, so now it just feels like a computer rather than the lightning fast future. You get blasé about things quickly. It’s also a little odd to think that this current Mac has a direct line to the first Mac I bought almost 20 years ago now; each time, the Migration Assistant has dutifully moved everything to the new machine, meaning that I still have some programs in my Applications folder that would require the original 68k Rosetta to run1. So many copies of Illustrator, none of which now run. Guess who will be buying Affinity Designer in this week’s upcoming sale, eh?

Anyway, it’s fast, it’s deathly quiet, and apparently it’ll be getting PyTorch support. Hurrah!

We are now moving into PRIME DESSERT SEASON. This is not a drill. I only have two more full weeks of work left in the year. I have about 30kg of flour, 40kg of chocolate, 6kg of butter, 72 eggs, and I AM READY.

  1. The only real problem I’ve found so far with Rosetta 2 is that it can’t run the version of Hugo I use to generate this blog. But something changes in more recent versions of Hugo which breaks the theme I’m using. So that’s a touch annoying. ↩︎