Dessert-o-rama 2021

The dessert planning continues. Current dessert-to-person ratio for Thanksgiving stands at 2. The ratio for Christmas is 4 and rising. It’s fine. As long as it doesn’t breach 10, I think we’ll be okay.

After six weeks or so, you are no longer a scab for drinking anything from Heaven Hill - I have taken this to extremes in that I have a 24yr bottle that almost certainly came from HH originally, but it has sat unopened while the strike has been on. But now at last it can be opened! Though it’ll probably sit sealed for another month.

In other news, I feel like the schedule for wrapping up the Adam Curtis image search engine this year looks like this:

I may make a few behind the scenes changes like moving the series images out to a cloud bucket (as that’d reduce the docker container size by a considerable amount), but as I’m not planning much more in the way of updates after all the series are uploaded…we’ll see if I can be bothered come the first weekend in December.