Skull Skull Skull Skull Skull Skull Skull Skull

Last week, sitting in the evening twilight, 27ºC outside, reading a book, somewhere deep in America thinking about how to add GPU-accelerated bloom filters to a neural network. I’ve ended up in a strange but delightful place.

I did not factor in the 12ft skeleton or the gaslighting birthday cake when I got here ten years ago. But everything about them is amazing.

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I was worried about the new Saint Etienne album. The idea of making a record by eliminating all the bangers and concentrating on the mood instrumentals and sample work was a little concerning (although Natalie Imbruglia is well into it). But it really just captures that apex of summer / slide into Autumn feeling of a year…and of the Long 90s in general. Which given anniversary this weekend, is pretty appropriate.

We went to an escape room yesterday! And I ended up having to walk through Washington Park as I parked over a mile away from where it was. That was something of an experience. So many people, just outside like there isn’t a pandemic. I know that outside is much much safer than not, but this was busier than even London a month ago and it seems like I’m not quite ready for people yet. Still, it was nice to be reminded that places like this exist in Cincinnati, even if it’s coming to the end of Summer.

(the escape room was…okay. Not the best we’ve been to, but not the worst. Some issues with the mechanical nature of their puzzles and some crazy logic jumps in their clues)