Blocked Curtis

But This Was A Fantasy is now back up again, having spent much of the week reporting Service Unavailable. This came as something as a surprise to me, as the Docker container that contains the website hasn’t changed since May. Which meant the prospect of trying to debug Google’s Cloud Run substrate with no visibility! Hurrah!

It’s back now, so what was the problem? Honestly, I don’t really know, but I have a theory. Behold my debugging process!

What I think happened is this: behind the scenes, Google has made some changes on how it handles random numbers in Docker containers. /dev/urandom should not block, but maybe it’s throwing an error because the system doesn’t have enough entropy during the container boot yet, and that’s manifesting as a permissions error. However, the ls -l, despite it not doing anything explicit to alter the system, gives it enough time to generate enough entropy for PyTorch to load fine.

Computers, eh?

Not much else I want to talk about this week, but stay tuned for a pastry book review that resulted from a hate-read of a quite expensive book (at least in printed version) this weekend.