Testing Testing Testing

I’ve taken so many COVID tests. Yesterday even going as far as taking two in one day (and now we have a race against time as to whether I get the result of either before I fly on Tuesday1). An odd trip, and not one that was ,much planned in advance, so apologies for everybody that was taken unawares, and I hope to see you all next time I’m here!

Meanwhile, I’m sneaking out with a suitcase that is almost 50% ginger cake. Which, I think, is an appropriate amount of ginger cake. Enough for a week if I ration myself.

  1. incidentally, if you are flying out from Britain, take it from me that if you’re using a company that handles tests by posts, Tuesday is the absolute worst day to fly out on, as you have to take the test on a Saturday, scramble to get it into a postbox before noon, and then just hope that it doesn’t stay in Bicester all weekend instead of moving closer to London. [return]