Old Racist Dies

Although I’m an anti-monarchist1, the past two days have been a bit like this for me:


All I pointed out was that, yeah, sure, losing BBC Four and having 1 & 2 simulcast for 24 hours (plus the Radio network going to the ‘sombre’ playlist) was a bit of a pain, but what do you honestly expect the BBC to do? This is the prelude to a massive cultural shift in Britain; where one of the icons of the post-war era, one of the constants for three generations of British people, will no longer be with us, and potentially the start of the fall of the monarchy itself, given the candidates for succession. It’s somewhat newsworthy, and as the public sector broadcaster that has been chronicling these things since 1922, cut them a bit of slack?

(also, this is not 1997. The vast majority of the country only had five channels at the time. Today, even if you discount the Internet, there seems to be 99 channels available on a free-to-air basis, and even as people were spending a lot of Saturday moaning, most of BBC television had gone back to a fairly normal slate of programmes)

This post brought to you by “when I was a young lad, not only did we have to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to school, but they’d take DS9 off schedule whenever it looked like Tim Henman might make it to the quarter-finals of Wimbledon! You lot don’t know you’re born!”

The digital billboards all around the country, though? Yeah, don’t do that again. Very creepy.

(Obviously, complaining about the content of the last 48 hours is definitely fine; the hagiography and the glossing over the reactionary and racist elements of his life was terrible…)

  1. I have mellowed a little though. In my teens and 20s, my solution to the Royal Family was “let’s do the Romanov again!” to the tune of “Time Warp”, blowing up Buckingham Palace and replacing it with a massive concrete obelisk containing a new Worker’s Soviet. These days, I’m fine with nationalizing their entire assets, giving the family a one-off £100m payment to go off and live like a set of European royals, and I’m fine with converting the Palace into social housing. Does that count as getting more right-wing as you get older? [return]