He's The Shaker, Baby

Right, the important news from this week.

It’s difficult to explain how important the footage is; Life Without Buildings were a band that didn’t last all that long, but after 20 years, I’ve finally seen one of my favourite bands actually perform. It’s quite something1. Look out for the Mogwai and Belle & Sebastian cameos!

Other than that, it has been a fairly quiet Easter week, though it has felt like Winter wanted one last shot at us before it sailed out (it snowed on Thursday!!). I have eaten all the mini eggs for another year, made an eggceptional amount of egg-based puns, finished the first Culture novel2, the sun is shining, and I have less than a fortnight until I get more Moderna mRNA shot into my veins. Oh, and I made an amazing banh mi on Saturday. Which means a lot less to the rest of you because you weren’t here and couldn’t eat it, but trust me it was good…

Anyway, Happy Easter! Eat allllll the eggs!

  1. Even when put against my other one-album loves of the 2000s, Johnny Boy. While there’s no footage of them online, I did manage to see them three times, one of which involved dancing with Kieron Gillen and Alex De Campi, no less… [return]
  2. Yeah, I know that it took me long enough… [return]