Moderna Part One

I have joined the ranks of the vaccinated! First jab, anyhow. I go back for the second Moderna shot during my birthday weekend, so by mid-May, I guess, my body will be at full mRNA power. The summer awaits!

(But I am tired and will be spending the day in bed. And Sunday too, as it happens)

While I prefer the British approach of the NHS just telling you when you’re going to get a vaccination…I guess I am lucky to be in a position where I can spend two days refreshing a browser window every five minutes until a slot becomes available. In a supermarket no less.

But still, remain indoors. No matter how sunny it looks outside this weekend. My hope is that we’ll finish the DIY projects that have popped into my head over Easter, and by the time the house can receive visitors again, it’ll look a little bit more like a home, and less like a show house that has two bedrooms jammed full of stuff everywhere. Look, I’ve only lived here for three years. You have to take your time with these things.

(also, Helvetica has started attacking one of the foam mattresses in one of the bedrooms, so that needs to be stopped before she builds a nest of foam pieces on the carpet. She’s an odd cat)

The “oh, yes” prize of the week goes to United Airlines, who this week sent me an email reminding me that the travel voucher we got in lieu of our trip to Japan last year is valid for another 24 months (I had completely forgotten about it, to be honest). Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to use that someday?

Next week, I promise I’ll get some updates done for the Curtis search engine. Maybe I’ll encode The Living Dead