Sorry, Could You Repeat That?

Obviously, my sense of optimism on display last week was leading me to a downfall. I forgot to centre myself appropriately.

My penance was to spend the week without being able to hear a lot out of the left side of my head. It made a very meeting-heavy week something of a challenge, I can tell you. As of right now, after a visit to the doctor, my hearing has been restored, but I’m now on more medication for the rest of the week to stave off an infection. It’s going great, and I’ve spent most of the week moping about and not doing anything. Which makes writing this weekly blog update a little trickier than usual.

In lieu of other exciting news, then, But This Was A Fantasy now has The Mayfair Set added to the encoded documentaries, so go to it for all your James Goldsmith and escalator needs. I’ve also changed the reranking algorithm to throw out anything similar within twenty seconds (up from five), and the front-end now also displays the TX date for each episode.

One thing I’ve noticed whilst testing CLIP out on new encodes is that it is very, very keen on matching to text. This is actually quite helpful within the documentary structure, because if you search for “Geoffrey Hinton”, it’ll match on the introductory text that comes with his appearance, and thus scenes with him in without the text will probably be similar enough that they’ll also get recommended. Unfortunately, it does mean that one of the smartest models around is quite stupid when it comes to mislabelled images.

Even a ResNet-16 probably wouldn’t be fooled by that one. Anyway, more encodes to come — I am very fond of 830,000,000 – Nick Leeson and the Fall of the House of Barings, and given that it now has a shiny new BBC iPlayer version instead of the VHS copy that’s been passed around the Web for years, it’ll be nice to get it up.