Go Away Snow

Two weeks in and I can definitely say that I’m over the snow. Actually, I’m fairly sure I was over it a week ago, but two more snowfalls have seen more shovelling and having to jumpstart my poor cold car, so I really just want the temperature here to go above freezing for a few days and take all the snow away. Fewer flying sheets of ice on the roads, please!

(yes, yes, it’s pretty, and I don’t have it even a tiny bit as bad as colleagues in Texas. But I want it to go away! Maybe my car will start again)

Otherwise, it Has Been A Week. But it has gone a little quicker due to a project that I’ll be showing the first iteration of tomorrow morning! (It’s not that exciting, but prepare yourself for the first technical-ish post in a while!)

Finally, what do you do with leftover gianduja that you made for Shrove Tuesday? That’s right, NUTELLA DIGESTIVES.

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