Are We Supposed To Work During An Attempted Coup?

Quiet week, really, eh?

Okay, so I didn’t really expect to be living in a time when an armed insurrection and invasion of the Capitol occurred. Or that I’d be watching it in real-time (although as it turns out, watching it unfold in real-time was somewhat deceptive, as it’s become clear in the days following that things were a lot more dangerous than they initially seemed Wednesday afternoon, and one officer had not noticed a Senate entrance was undefended, it could have been a bloodbath). But what’s a little sedition and the attempted assassination of the Vice-President and Speaker of the House between friends?

Still, at least we’ll always have Friday night and the Social Media Presidential Whack-A-Mole Event to tell the grandchildren. “When I was a lad, we had to open up our social media accounts! T’were all fields of whitespace and suspensions!”

Otherwise, the usual trepidation of returning to work, though this time with the added 20202021 pandemic dread. On the bright side, I did realize yesterday that it’s MLK Day next week, which is one of the few times that the US holiday schedule provides something over the traditional British Bank Holidays (no days off until Easter for you!). It does help the transition back into working while Winter deepens all around you. At least, I think it does; I’ll report back next week!

Oooh, but I did accomplish one thing this week. I actually completed Breath of the Wild. I have finished a Zelda game for the first time! What with that and my successes with Hades, I think I’ve actually got better at computer games than I was as a child, when I could only complete about 10 from a sizeable Spectrum collection — though, to be fair, Jet Set Willy is so hard that even DeepMind would struggle to get all the objects. Or else games are getting easier. Which is probably a touch more likely (thank goodness for save states).