Morehead City Unmasked

If you were wondering how bad things are out here, then here’s an anecdote. We went to pick up food in Morehead City on Saturday night. At 9pm, on the boardwalk, I think we saw maybe six other people wearing masks. A bar was packed out on two floors with live music and no social distancing at all.

America is pretty much in a death cult spiral at this point. But mah freedoms

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Anyway, yes, road trip! Which was a little odd, seeing as how we had to drive through Chapel Hill (and past Durham), but not stop. But! We got to visit Christie, Ashley, and little baby Evan, saw the beach, bought flour for biscuit experiments, found the most appealing of this year’s three Arcee toys, wore actual proper trousers for the first time in what feels like months, and…so much time in the car. It was good to get out and about, but I do feel like I need another few days to get back to a proper sleeping schedule…

It will be nice to return to visit the Triangle when (if?) things get back to normal. In the meantime, we’re all back in the Cincinnati region and Helvetica has mostly forgiven me for abandoning her with two dogs and another cat.