Nothing To Report, Captain

Ho-hum. A week. Both outside at large and in. I keep on wanting to actually get started on the ideas I have, but everything else is getting in the way; even the weekend is no real respite this time around.

But, obviously, it could be worse. waves hand to the outside world

To cheer myself up, I watched Punishment Park and Vanishing Point back-to-back. It turns out that I am really terrible at picking films to cheer myself up. But, I ask, who wouldn’t want to watch two incredibly paranoid 1970s films whilst the current President makes lists of enemies, eh? Next week, we’re doing Hamilton, but what people don’t know is that I’ll slip in the Mick Travis trilogy during the intermission. You will all appreciate the majesty of Britannia Hospital if it’s the last thing I do.

So yes, not the best week for a variety of reasons. But! After almost a decade of it sitting somewhere in a room, forlorn and unloved, this is finally assembled and in the bar:

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Now I just have to find things to go inside it. And hopefully that won’t take another decade…