Remember The Future

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As the horror ramps up again, due to some interesting decisions by our glorious President and various Governors throughout the land, it’s important to remain at least a touch optimistic. And thus this week, we’ve done some planning and preparation for the future. This has included building more of the special features for our Escape Basement (what, you haven’t built fake walls, a cage and a fireplace yet? What are you doing with your 2020?), the Grippos tacos shown above, which will be a key part of the 2020 Election Night Viewing Situation (along with All The Bourbon In Case), and, yes the first and second desserts of Thanksgiving are already planned.

The thing that I teased for June and July is now being pushed back to Christmas; I have a feeling that I will need something to occupy my time this December, as I’m pessimistic that travel will be back to normal by then. I have purchased the oh-so-important domain name, mind you, but I can’t tell you what it is yet, as the name gives the entire project away. Patience!

Meanwhile, I went down another old rabbit-hole on Friday night by watching BBC’s The Net. GASP! At the classic BBC2 idents! GROAN! As Jules gives Rise of the Robots 910. LAUGH! As CD-ROMs are talked up as the next big thing1. DESPAIR! As they talk about the grand future envisaged, where nobody considered the possibility of this timeline’s equivalent of Robert Linus Booth yelling us closer to chaos 280 characters at a time. And then Sadie Plant turned up and I spent two hours in bed delving back into the CCRU, The Invisibles, and my own odd thoughts about BERT and GPT-2. I’m reaching for something, but I’m not quite sure what.

My keyboard is dying, so I’ll wrap up by pointing you towards this amazing work that I must own even if I never end up playing it.

  1. Although the kicking they give to The 7th Guest is amusing and has proven correct in time. [return]