Give me the hope to run out of steam

And we’re back to non-deep learning content again1. I’m currently watching my cat attempt to hunt birds from the basement window, losing her footing and falling onto the pillow that has been down here since Thanksgiving. And then getting back up again. It’s entertaining. Welcome to lockdown…week…infinity?

This has been a very different week from most quarantine weeks, in that the house has been mostly full! People recovering from surgery, visitors, cinnamon rolls, a disappointing Detroit-style pizza2, the return of the deer family, a depressing Catalyst-related Spark bug, the completion of the TF UK #82 line up of The Wreckers3, a shed-load of Brook-Rose novels, and my first attempt at Sichuan cooking. Which, really, makes staying home sound a lot more interesting than it actually is. And I didn’t mention the nights of not sleeping, or the hours of staring at log files. Or that my turnips rotted.

Still, aside from the weight gain, the general stress, the mounting apprehension about November, and a host of other things, everything is fine! Totally!


Come back next week for more uplifting content!

  1. By the way, I’m sorry that the LaTeX for the equations didn’t render properly in the last post. I did attempt to upgrade my Hugo install and include KaTeX rendering…but ended up completely destroying my rendering pipeline due to the Hyde-X theme not having been updated for a few years now. I…will do a blog redesign at some point with a more modern theme, but for now, I’ve downgraded twenty versions of Hugo to get the pipeline working again. Yay, software! [return]
  2. Probably expected when you use NY pizza dough for it, mind you… [return]
  3. WRECK’N’RULE! Anyway, better than the other news coming from Hasbro and Takara this week… [return]