What Even Is Time?

I think this week qualifies as my first meltdown? That’s what days of increasingly less sleep gets you, I guess. Also: you cannot solve Kubernetes problems by thinking about them from 1am until 6am.1

Anyway, I have had a long weekend of doing…almost nothing. It’s been quite nice, really. No baking or confectionary work. No long periods of staring at code. I even sat outside for a bit.

(Okay, I cheated by moving the baking to mid-week by virtue of having a quiet, but quite nice birthday on Wednesday. Not quite the birthday celebration we had planned, but that is pretty much 2020 so far…)

Next week: further adventures in Seldon Core. And maybe a masked-up visit to Jungle Jim’s…

(I don’t have a lot to say about being 41. Aside from being so old, obviously)

  1. Though, oddly, you can solve them in the morning whilst in the shower. [return]