Remaining Indoors

Well, I was going to point back into the archives and highlight some posts from the Pac-Man Wedding of 2010…only it turns out that whilst I was good about posting updates leading up to the event highlighting voting for the reception songs, I wrote absolutely nothing about the day itself or the subsequent trip to New York. So, er…it’s been ten years since Sandwich Day at Fiore’s! I am celebrating by…remaining indoors as usual. It’s what we do in 2020!

I even double-downed on Remaining Indoors this weekend as there was no board game visit. I sadly didn’t really sleep on Friday and didn’t feel up to it. Instead, I made my own Easter egg.

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Milk chocolate orange through and through, twenty-two centimetres tall. That’ll do, I think.

I am putting off going outside again until Tuesday. I can even probably survive another couple of weeks without going to a supermarket, but we’re going to have a roast dinner for Easter Sunday next weekend, so I will have to venture out for potatoes and meat. I’m not particularly looking forward to that. But I have masks, gloves, and enough hand sanitizer to sterilize a battalion. So I should be okay.