And Vanished

I am a lot more sanguine about the book this week than I have been for the past month. There’s been a lot of low-key freaking out about how much still needs to be done, and how close the deadline is for publication this year. As of this weekend, though, I have one more chapter to write and I’m at the point where I might have to eject some things from my outline to fit within the originally specified book length. Which is a rather nice position to be in! Let’s hope that I can continue the pace through June.

Wait, how did it get to be June?

Some big things this week in ‘lost media’ (and you know me, I do enjoy seeing YouTube clips filmed through Lucozade packaging). Firstly, the long-lost alternate ending of Quantum Leap:

Beth: You’ll find him.

Al: And what makes you so sure?

Beth: Because that’s what friends are for.


Secondly, an ITV sitcom that was so badly received that it was taken off the air after the second episode, and has never been shown since. Although Hardwicke House is absolutely terrible, one of the lost episodes features Rik & Ade doing a proto-Bottom routine and so has been something of a holy grail for UK comedy fans. And as of last week, the whole thing is now up on Youtube, sandwiched between episodes of The Dot Stop of Playdays.

I don’t recommend actually watching it, but fun to see it turning up in broadcast quality after being unavailable for 32 years…

Finally, as tomorrow seems to be the day that Apple sticks a knife in its back, I would like to declare that I may be the only person on the planet that doesn’t hate iTunes. I know, worse than Hitler…