Flipping Over The Water Table

To celebrate having lived in Cincinnati for a year, I have spent the weekend moving everything away from the walls in the basement in preparation for a week’s worth of (quite expensive!) building work that purports to fix a) my water issues, and b) my previously-unknown foundation issues. What fun!

Other than that, a very uneventful week. I didn’t even leave the house until Thursday evening, and that was only because I had nothing to eat on Friday if I didn’t go shopping. I’d like to say that this allowed me to get lots of things done…but I hardly did anything. Decompression after London, perhaps.

But! I finally got around to making Detroit-style pizza, something that I’ve been itching to do for years:

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(thanks to Tammy for supplying me with the pan!)

More exciting updates next week as I relate how I share my house with a bunch of builders and still try to get work done!