“Goodbye To All That”

It’s going to be a quiet April here on the blog; I’m not going to have access to my amazing blog-publishing pipeline1 while I’m in the UK, so if you want immediate updates, you’ll need to catch me on either Twitter or Instagram. And by ‘immediate updates’, I of course mean all the photos of the National Theatre and the rest of the South Bank that you can stomach.

This last blog post of my 30s is therefore underwhelming and something of a disappointment.

comedy pause

Actually, no, I think my 30s were pretty good, to be honest. Let’s hope that continues into the 40s.

I instead leave you with a picture of a cat holding onto some socks.

See you later in the month!

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  1. Basically Hugo and a set of terrible scripts while every time I upload, I whisper to myself “I should put this all onto S3, you know”, which I normally spend an hour looking into every April when the hosting bill comes around. On the other hand, I’ve been with this hosting company since 2002 and inertia is such a powerful thing… [return]