Living Overseas And First World Problems

Ways to tell I have become a little too acclimatized: the air conditioning has stopped working and it has been Officially The Worst Thing In the World. I’m not expecting much sympathy from people back home who endured weeks of crazy-high temperatures this summer, but eh. Especially during the nights where it turns out the house turns out to retain heat quite well (hurrah for oncoming Winter at least!), and the small parade of different air conditioning firms that have come through and made things somewhat worse.

On the bright side, Autumn officially began on Saturday and the temperature dropped 10˚C overnight. I may have danced a little jig.

Other than that, though, I think it’s been a quiet week, mostly starting to prepare for my family’s visit in a few weeks and sweating quietly in the corner of the bar downstairs. Oh, and hiding from a surprise wasp that just wanted to celebrate the end of Summer with me. The usual, then.

I did, however, succumb to the charms of the iPhone XS. I was planning on waiting until the release of the XR, but then I discovered that it’s is going to be wider than the iPhone 7…and that was that. Initial thoughts are: well, it’s shiny, the FaceID thing is weird but works very well, and the cameras do camera things. I may be getting slightly jaded about smartphones. But the battery is great!