Redemption Arc

1998 Ian: You’re kidding. Just completely joking.

2018 Ian: I’m serious! In 2018, Gareth Southgate is essentially a national hero.

1998 Ian: Completely crazy. Okay, tell me another one — who’s President?

2018 Ian: long, hard stare into the distance

I’ll admit, I spent the entire duration of the penalties just laughing at the situation. But then, for once, we actually won? And then won again? Bizarre. This is Britain 2018:

(meanwhile, the Government continues to set itself on fire, but never quite enough to actually consider turning the 100-car train around before it crashes into the Wall of Brexit. Farewell, Boris and David, we’ll miss—actually, no, we’ll be sodding glad to see the back of the pair of you and the damage you’ve caused)

I have a closet! With shelves! And things to hang clothes from! After two months of living here! I’m settling in slowly, okay? The trap is that the house is entirely fine. There are certain things that would drive anybody else up the wall, but I’m already used to the situation and thus never feel all that inclined to…well, finish things. An example: none of the drawers in my house have handles. This irritates everybody. Except me, because I’m already totally used to just pulling them open by the side and so everything is fine!

Ahem. Anyway, with Tammy’s help, I now have a closet, so that’s one thing off the list! Only about 37 more things to go…I must really make a decision about handles…sometime…maybe…

Oh, and apparently I have an occasional raccoon visitor. That’s a slightly less fun thing to learn about the house…