Gone To Texas. And Back Again

This week, I have mostly discovered that the subtitles for Great British Menu on Netflix indulge in a “There are FOUR lights!” attempt to rewrite reality. Every time somebody says ‘aubergine’, the subtitles say ‘eggplant’. They don’t attempt calling coriander ‘cilantro’ though. It is odd.

(and deeply wrong, of course)

Anyway, another week spent in a conference room and a hotel room in Richardson, Texas. Which is not my favourite place on Earth, but is at least better than an industrial park on the outskirts of St. Louis. So not a lot to report this week, though it has been nice to have a weekend where I have not worked, needed to run anywhere, or do anything at all.

And look, this site now has a shiny SSL certificate and everything. It’ll take me a while to track down all the non-SSL hardcoded links that the site has built up over the years, so please bear with me on that…