View From The New Office

Picture the scene: on the left, a terrified British person clawing at the seat, trying not to be obvious about it, but as usual hating every moment of the flight to Chicago. On the right, a slightly older man, holding a double vodka (on the rocks, of course), who we’ll call Blake.

Blake: I’m a VP of a packaging company, and I’m a great negotiator. You should do this, this, and this at your job.

Terrified British Person: nods politely, trying not to wince out loud when the inevitable conversation about Churchill comes up.

Blake: And the thing about Churchill is that he was a hero, standing alone!

Terrified British Person: nnnnnnng

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I enjoyed the flight back to Durham a lot more, as my neighbour was asleep. Still, at the very least, I did make sure to point out who won the 1945 General Election.

Anyhow, after a short trip to Chicago for something I can’t fully reveal yet, I’m in Cincinnati for two weeks. Yes, after buying a house and running all the way back to Durham, I’m finally here again.

And of course, my trip coincides with a winter storm. Inches of snow on the ground. I haven’t really had to deal with snow before! After an embarrassing event where Tammy and I had to improvise to dig her car out of my driveway, I have ordered a shovel, and I must forever hide from the neighbour across the road who was clearly judging us as he used his fancy snow plough to clear his driveway.

Still, the view is pretty, right?

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(my next door neighbour, who I met today after deciding that dumping the post and running wasn’t polite, assures me that I won’t see this much snow every Winter)

Thanks to Tammy, I have a house full of furniture, the beginnings of a full-on library (insert evil cackle as I imagine ALL THE BOOKCASES), and an actual bed to sleep in. Hurrah! Oh, and enough Diet Coke to last 14 days. Maybe. If I ration it. It’s becoming more of a home!