And now, Ghostbusters Polka!

This week, I got the answer to a question I had never even considered before: “Just what would a polka version of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ sound like?”

The reason for this unimagined insight? Saying goodbye to a team I’ve been working with for the past year, and their inspired idea to take me to a German beerhouse to celebrate. They were all a little saddened to discover that I don’t actually drink beer (“but you’re British!”). But it was a nice thought!

But oh, the polka. So loud. You have not lived until you’ve heard the polka remix of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’.1

Anyway, work in New York is wrapped up and as such I’m looking forward to a relaxing…week and a bit until I’m on a plane again. But! This time it’s a flight home and all the FESTIVENESS of the holiday, so it’s not too bad.

And in continued ‘ignoring the signs of aging and attempting to live like it’s 1997 forever’ news, these arrived this week:

Cherry Red.

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  1. Okay, you can probably live a full life without having heard it. But I want you to suffer too. [return]