4.19 kilogrammes of chocolate please!

Seen in one of the plane magazines yesterday - the world’s biggest bar of Nestlé Crunch?

Time for my Chapel Hill Comics advert once again. Well, I can’t help it if they had a sale on this weekend. Or that they had a Zenith book and Transformers UK: Space Pirates for $4 each, can I? They even offered to ship stuff home if I didn’t think I could fit it all in my suitcases. So, once more: the most friendly and helpful comic shop I’ve ever frequented. Go! Spend money there!

Today, then: walking, a bit more walking, and some more besides. During those long stretches of walking interspersed with a little sitting, I thought of some excellent bon mots for today’s entry. Obviously, I’ve forgotten all of them now.

Although, apparently, I have not done enough to get “does Chewbacca like Wookies?” into the English lexicon. I will try and rectify this in the next couple of weeks…

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